I have been working in education for seventeen years in all. I taught in the elementary classroom for eight years and then became a technology instructional specialist for seven years. Now I have been a district technology instructional specialist for two years but I still believe the magic in teacher transformation and growth happens in the classroom. I am now a minor character who helps Alice, the teacher, find her way through the instructional technology Wonderland to grow to be a more effective teacher. I relate more to Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter.

As far as more credentials, I have my BS in Elementary Education with a specialization in Reading and English, MS in Instructional Technology, and a EdD in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. I also have my Principal and School Business certificates.

I believe in helping teachers achieve positive results in various means but since I am asked my pillars of belief in educational jargon so I will say I adhere to the following acronyms and buzz words: PBL, blended learning, UDL, flipped classrooms, differentiated learning with scaffolding, and authentic learning and audience.

I believe in qualitative research as the documentary of the real story behind the numbers and stats. I am a narrative researcher who talks to and observes teachers in their natural habitats and likes to tell their story so the world can understand their plight and teachers can gain a better perspective of the learning happening in their own classrooms. I arrange my results in a narrative form to tell the story of modern education. I also adhere to self-study tenets as I work to improve my own practice as a technology instructional specialist, or instructional coach.

On a personal note, I am also the mother of four teenagers so I have a special place in my heart for working mothers of teens and professional dads such as my husband was when our children were younger.

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